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West-Japan Unit

  • Aircraft Parts and Materials

    Provides VMI for parts and materials to aircraft-related manufacturers and maintenance businesses in Western Japan and supports overseas sales.

  • Real Estate

    Develops company dormitories or housing, provides subleasing, agency services and operational management of real estate for customers in Western Japan. Also proposes a wide range of solutions for real estate owners, such as land usage, inheritance tax strategies and development of earning properties.

  • Insurance

    Sell the best financial products to corporations and individual customers in Western Japan. Also proposes the promotion of the outsourcing business to realize management efficiency in the insurance agency business using a call center.

  • Agricultural Products

    Imports foodstuffs from around the world, ranging from popular ingredients to processed products, and sells them to wholesalers, mass retailers and restaurants in Western Japan.

  • Wines

    Imports wines from selected producers in France, the U.S. and other countries and sells them to luxury hotels, restaurants and liquor shops in Western Japan.