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Take your breath in,
your new stage in Sriracha will begin.

You will find how easy it is to commute to school and to workplace from our location.
Our guest services, such as excellent shuttle bus services,
a unique multi-purpose common spaces and series of private lesson,
will satisfy the demands of comfortable daily lives of our guests.
We like to create one heartwarming community in our area.
The type of serviced residence that people couldn’t
find in this area before is now available for you.

Reliable brand “JALUX / L’axe Sriracha”,
we are the JAL group.

To ensure “Comfort and safety”, all of our buildings are constructed by a general constructor group of Japan.
JALUX has been developing the method of building management for more than 50 years through our daily operation.

*“JRE DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.” is an overseas office of JALUX real-estate division.

JALUX Inc. is not only in aviation and airport related businesses,
also dealing with many other type of businesses especially somewhere closely
related to our daily lives.

Accumulate Miles

Our yearly guest can earn JAL mileage every month.
1% of rent (not include serviced charge) = 1 mile

EX ) Room rent = 55,000 Baht → Guests earn 550 miles
Starting contract from March 1 → Guests earn 550 miles on the end of April.

*1) JAL miles will be given to only who are staying at L'axe Sriracha.(For both corporate or Individual contract.)
*2) The guest who do not have JMB mileage card, please visit here for an application form. (Free member ship)
*3) For the details about JAL mileage please visit here.

Accumulate Miles

Built by Japanese constructor

We have adopted reliable Japanese suppliers. Rinnai as venting system, TOTO as toilet, Mitsubishi as air-conditioning machines and YKK as window frames.

The construction between rooms, we use high quality wall materials to reduce living noises as minimum. The noise barrier performance is rated as TL-50, which means when 90db of sound goes into wall however finally comes out to only 40db.


24 hours security by ALSOK