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Aviation & Airport Unit

Airline Asset Management Department

  • Engaged in sales and remarketing of aircraft, aircraft engines, flight simulators, ground support equipment, vehicles, tools and those parts and materials, mainly for Airlines and affiliate customers.
    Also, offers registration services (JSPC) for leased aircraft in Japan, and develops the leasing and part-out business.
    With our competency, knowledge and broad customer network developed over the years, we also provide consultancy services for aircraft sales and purchasing to global customers.

    Products & Services
    • Aircraft, aircraft engines and flight simulators
    • Components, materials, vehicles, tools, equipment and consumables

Aerospace Department & Central-Japan Aerospace Department

  • Offers aircraft parts & materials, ground support equipment for the aerospace industry and aviation-related ministries through our networks in the U.S., Europe and Asia using its IT system & stock function as a total solutions provider in all value chains.

    Products & Services
    • Aircraft components, materials, tools and consumables
    • Aircraft engine components

    Acquired ISO 9001 and AS9120 certification

Overseas Airport Business Development Department

  • Creates a range of airport-related businesses, such as the operation of airport terminals, facilities and their construction, particularly in Asian countries where we contribute to their development, harnessing our vast expertise and experience in the aviation and airport business in Japan and overseas.

    Products & Services
    • Airport and incidental business operations
    • Airport-related equipment