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Message from the CEO

  • The COVID-19 pandemic forced wide-ranging restrictions upon our daily lives. Now the world is recovering and people everywhere are returning to active lifestyles. Conditions during the pandemic were tough for the JALUX Group, too. Our response was to lessen the risk of a focus on the aviation domain by directing energy into carving out new sales channels within the non-aviation domain and developing new products and services to match changing needs. These efforts have borne fruit with solid results. And more recently, the pandemic recovery has also placed aviation domain demand on a recovery path.

    Under the above circumstances, the JALUX Group has entered the second year of our Mid-term Management Plan through to fiscal 2025. As a trading company of the JAL Group, the focus is on generating new commercial flows through full application of many years of trading company expertise and constant attention to the world’s needs. By expanding the scale of our business investment while accelerating growth in existing businesses, our plan is to find an optimal business portfolio that mitigates our concentration risk.

    The JALUX Group views promoting sustainability and accelerating innovation as core management strategies and aims to realize a sustainable society and ongoing improvement of the JALUX Group’s corporate value. This is in keeping with our corporate philosophy, “Contributing to Tomorrow—Your partner in creating happiness and bringing a bright future to people, society and the environment.”

    We look forward to your continued support and encouragement into the future.

Satoru Takahama
Representative Director & CEO