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Message from the CEO

  • Since its foundation in 1962, JALUX Group has extended its original aviation & airport business to the life service business, such as insurance and real estate, the retail business such as airport shops and mail-order sales, and the food & beverage business, which carries foodstuffs and wines.

    To realize our corporate philosophy “Contributing to Tomorrow,” we have established our long-term vision for 2030, namely “ to become a business leader creating JALUX-VALUE with partners all over the world.” For the first five years thereof, we have set our medium-term management plan “Next Stage 2020” (FY 2016 to FY 2020) and all of us are working together to achieve the plan’s goals and the vision.

    In the medium-term management plan, under the policy of “new challenges for sustainable growth to become a global corporate group with its own strengths in the aviation and airport business domains,” we will engage in businesses with the following three key strategies: (i) expand our revenue base, (ii) create and develop a new core business, and (iii) optimize our business portfolio. As our overseas areas of focus, we will target the ASEAN region and the U.S., in addition to the domestic market. In FY 2018, the midpoint of the five-year plan, we will increase our efforts to stabilize our revenue base and develop a new core business by further cultivating existing businesses.

    In addition, we will enhance human resources development and diversity, and improve the working environment to enable all the employees to maximize their abilities.

    JALUX Group will strive to contribute to society by realizing its corporate philosophy through these business activities. We appreciate your continued support and patronage, and look forward to serving you in the future.

Masahiro Vince Komiyama
Representative Director & CEO