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Message from the CEO

  • JALUX Group is actively pursuing our business expansion and innovation, especially by focusing largely on our strong business areas of the aviation and airport in order to achieve our corporate philosophy of “Contributing to Tomorrow”: Your Best Partner to create the happiness by bringing to the people, society and environment a bright future. I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for your continued understanding and support from our bottom of heart.

    In view of creating sustainable growth in economy and more satisfaction in society, JALUX Group is always committed to make every and utmost effort to explore the solutions to the global environmental issues and a variety of the social issues which should certainly be addressed and solved in an effective and timely manner.
    In order to ensure the positive outcomes based on our sustained efforts, we will continue to enhance our Corporate Governance system and pursue the way of working how all our employees at JALUX Group can accumulate their own skill and career in business through the ordinary day-to-day operation.

    The business areas of aviation and airport, where JALUX Group has strengths and sufficient track records with success, are expected to grow significantly in line with the continued expansion of the global market economy. To introduce such favorable circumstances into our targeted growth, we will accelerate and make good on our Medium-Term Management Plan "Next Stage 2020", and simultaneously, start focusing more on the business opportunities in the overseas markets which are expected to have a high growth potential, by making the best use of our cumulative resources from expertise and experience which we have been cultivating until now.

    JALUX Group will keep going forward with the spirit of our corporate philosophy to live up to the expectations of our stakeholders including valuable customers, esteemed partner companies and investors. We will truly be grateful for your continued support, help and encouragement.

Masashi Shinohara
Representative Director & CEO