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Food & Beverage Unit

Marine Products Department

  • Import fresh and frozen seafood from around the world and sell it to marine products companies, wholesalers, mass retailers, convenience stores, restaurants and other customers. We process salmon and yellowfin tuna as slices for sushi, and other fish as boneless and breaded pieces in China and Vietnam.

    Products & Services
    • Seafood (slices for sushi, fillets and other processed products)

Agricultural Products Department

  • Imports fresh vegetables, such as paprika, okra and asparagus, fresh fruits, such as mango, lime and melon, frozen vegetables and other products from around the world and sells them to wholesalers, mass retailers, restaurants and other customers. The department builds a global supply chain and distributes various products through a sales subsidiary in Japan.

    Products & Services
    • Fresh vegetables and fruit
    • Frozen vegetables and fruit

Wine Department

  • Wine Section

    Imports hundreds of wines from producers around the world and sells them to hotels, restaurants, department stores, wine shops, mail order and in-flight service. The wine list includes Joseph Perrier and Billecart Salmon from Champagne, Henri Bourgeois from Loire, Clos du Val, Silver Oak Cellars and Calera from California, and Errazuriz from Chile. The department continually strives to improve its marketing by offering high-quality wines while building a sales network throughout Japan.

    Products & Services
    • Wines and sparkling wines from all over the world

Processed Foods Department

  • We plan, develop, and sell in-flight meals for airlines, along with lunch boxes (soraben) and souvenir sweets for retailers at airports, railway companies, and along expressways. We produce high-quality, safe, and high-value-added products in collaboration with a variety of partners, and sell them to upscale supermarkets and convenience stores. In addition to the domestic market, we will expand our sales by exporting made-in-Japan foodstuffs, mainly throughout Asia and the U.S.

    Products & Services
    • In-flight meals
    • Souvenir sweets, confectioneries, in-flight lunchboxes and frozen dishes