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JALUX Group's Materiality
(Key Sustainability Issues)

Basic Approach to Sustainability

The corporate philosophy of the JALUX Group is “Contributing to Tomorrow—Your partner
in creating happiness and bringing a bright future to people, society and the environment.”
In line with this philosophy, we aim to realize sustainable society
for the future and continually improve corporate value for the Group.

The world is currently facing a series of critical issues, from climate change-induced natural disasters to resource depletion, environmental pollution from waste products, food loss and waste, poverty, and human rights issues, while in Japan we are facing the additional issues of an aging and declining population. Global warming in particular is causing a range of problems, so decarbonization (carbon-free) and carbon neutrality are now recognized as urgent issues that are common throughout the world. But we have to solve these issues before we can realize sustainable society. We have therefore incorporated sustainability perspectives into the core of management across the JALUX Group as we work to create value, through our corporate activities, that helps solve society’s issues and grow our company.

In March 2021, we identified the following materiality (key issues), from among this wide range of social issues, that we should prioritize as a Group from the long-term perspective. We will define specific activities and key performance indicators (KPIs) for each of these issues and build an effective framework for implementation, including the establishment of a Sustainability Promotion Committee (provisional name) to reflect the intentions of management. We will also ensure steady progress is made through ongoing implementation of the PDCA cycle.

JALUX Group's Materiality 
Key Sustainability Issues

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Materiality (Key Issues)
  Address global
climate change and realize a
recycling-oriented society
Contribute to local communities
and realize a prosperous future
Solve social issues
through food businesses
Respect human rights,
develop human resources,
and promote diversity,
equity and inclusion
Build foundations that earn
the trust of all stakeholders
  To realize carbon neutrality by 2050 and recycling-oriented society across the entire supply chain as initiatives towards global environmental issues, we are working to collaborate with stakeholders in all business domains of the JALUX Group. We aim to develop and grow together with local communities through expanding nationwide network, delivering regional products to more consumers than ever and helping create sustainable production systems throughout Japan. Leveraging the strengths of the JALUX Group in developing businesses across the entire supply chain, from raw material procurement and production to distribution and sales, we endeavor to solve food-related social issues surrounding food safety, food loss and waste, recycling and upcycling, ethical consumption, and sustainable food supply in each phase. We respect human rights in all our corporate activities. We also work to develop our diverse human resources to enable each of them to reach their full potential and create new value. We strive to pursue transparency in corporate management and do our best to provide safe, high-quality products and services with sincerity backed by a commitment to compliance.
Related SDGs

Materiality identification process

(1) Identify and organize issues

We conducted an internal survey of issues considered necessary for the JALUX Group in delivering our sustainability support going forward. We received about 300 responses in total covering all business units.
Referring to the SDGs, GRI Standards, ISO 26000, SASB and others, we identified 44 issues from the survey.

(2) Prioritize issues

In collaboration with external experts, and drawing upon information such as materiality mapping by sector from SASB and MSCI, we organized the 44 social issues and assessed the level of importance of each to the JALUX Group while conducting questionnaire to our employees. We mapped those issues from the two perspectives of expectations and demands that are external to the JALUX Group (stakeholders), and impacts on the JALUX Group. As a result, we prioritized the 44 social issues and narrowed them down into a total of 11 key issues. We then organized those 11 key issues according to each social issue agenda and identified five material issues for the JALUX Group.

Reference:Materiality matrlx
Reference:Hierarchy of Key Issues

(3) Confirm validity

Our Board of Directors and Administrative Council discussed the identification process and key issues to confirm their relationship with future business enhancement directions of the JALUX Group.
Through additional dialogue with external investors, they also confirmed external expectations of the JALUX Group and the validity of key issues identified at this time.

(4) Approve materiality

JALUX Group’s material issues were discussed and approved at meetings of the Board of Directors and Administrative Council at the end of March 2021. Going forward, specific activities and KPIs will be defined for the key issues identified at this time.